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Virginia’s Watershed Improvement Plan Revealed at Long Last

Last week, the Commonwealth of Virginia revealed its Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP) as it was required to do by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. The state’s efforts to


EPA Tightens Rules for Bay Cleanup

We knew tighter federal requirements for reducing pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay were on the way, and on Wednesday, Virginia and the other Chesapeake Bay states got their first taste of what federal oversight of Bay restoration might really mean. Each of the impacted states received letters from EPA detailing tighter restrictions on what pollutants [...]


Let’s Talk About Land, Water and Air

Greetings and welcome to, which is intended to promote discussions about issues in environmental law. We hope the blog will be of interest to a wide variety or readers. We hope that our initial commentaries will be the foundation for others to add their own ideas, opinions, and insights on the Commonwealth’s environment and [...]