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Stormwater Regs not over the finish line…yet.

On March 9, 2011, the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulatory Advisory Panel met, for what should be its last time, to discuss Virginia’s Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations before the draft regulations are noticed for public comment. These are the regulations which were adopted by the 2010 Virginia General Assembly after a long and at times [...]


Stormwater Rules Tightened…or Not

As we’ve told you before, the Department of Conservation and Resources has new restrictive stormwater regulations in the pipeline. Just this past Monday, the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Meeting approved them for implementation. And then suspended them. The story is that the DCR wants a little more time for public comment, for which [...]


Proposed Stormwater Regs May Not Be Sufficient

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is in the process of adopting significant changes to the state’s Stormwater Regulations. These changes will fundamentally alter the way stormwater from construction activities is regulated in Virginia. The changes include new technical criteria limiting the quality and quantity of discharges for new development and for redevelopment. [...]