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Stormwater Regs not over the finish line…yet.

On March 9, 2011, the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulatory Advisory Panel met, for what should be its last time, to discuss Virginia’s Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations before the draft regulations are noticed for public comment. These are the regulations which were adopted by the 2010 Virginia General Assembly after a long and at times [...]


VA WIP Phase I, Done. Phase II, Where to Start?

Last December, EPA and the Commonwealth of Virginia reached agreement on the state’s proposed Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP). In evaluating the WIP, EPA found that the WIP met nutrient and sediment allocations for each basin in the final TMDL. EPA also accepted that Virginia was committed to implementing aggressive WWTP upgrades, a more accountable urban [...]


Virginia WIP Grade is “D” for Deficient

EPA Draft “Pollution Diet” has been issued, and the EPA has found “Serious Deficiencies” in Virginia’s Watershed Implementation Plan.


Virginia’s Watershed Improvement Plan Revealed at Long Last

Last week, the Commonwealth of Virginia revealed its Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP) as it was required to do by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. The state’s efforts to