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    We'd like this to be a platform for discussions on emerging issues in environmental law and regulation in Virginia. It is our hope to engage governmental officials, land owners and developers, citizen activists, and environmentalists in vibrant dialogues on the issues of concern to our environment and our natural resources.

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These are Jim Cornwell's posts

Jim's a member of Sands Anderson's Local Government and Business and Real Estate practice groups specializing in economic planning and development, local government law, environmental law as well as zoning and land use issues. He also is Managing Partner of the Blacksburg office of the firm. He represents local government entities by providing daily support and advice, appearing at public meetings and hearings, and, when required, representing them as a litigator. In addition to his Virginia law license, he is licensed before the Supreme Court of England and Wales as a Solicitor.

Stormwater Rules Tightened…or Not

As we’ve told you before, the Department of Conservation and Resources has new restrictive stormwater regulations in the pipeline. Just this past Monday, the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Meeting approved them for implementation. And then suspended them. The story is that the DCR wants a little more time for public comment, for which [...]