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Merrillville Foreclosure Lawyer

Crown Point Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are facing the possibility of losing your home, it probably feels like an overwhelming problem. However, if you take action right away, I can help you stop the problem before it gets worse. Filing bankruptcy can delay or stop foreclosure.

I am Andrew L. Kraemer, a Merrillville foreclosure attorney. I have experience representing debtors and creditors in foreclosure proceedings, so I understand both sides of the issue. This insight is valuable in the fight to keep your Indiana home. For a free initial consultation, please call 219-472-1441 or contact me online.

Stop Foreclosure

During foreclosure, the lien holder or lender has the right to repossess your property if you are no longer making payments on your loan. They may begin foreclosure proceedings after just one or two missed payments.

Filing for bankruptcy stops foreclosure, at least temporarily, by giving you an automatic stay. During this time, no creditors can take collection actions against you. The automatic stay will delay foreclosure, giving you the chance to restructure your mortgage payments or make other plans.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually allows people to keep their homes. The debt is reorganized and the debtor makes lower payments for three to five years. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you keep your home, but it is less likely because it does not invalidate the lien.

At your free initial consultation, we will discuss what your best option is — even if that means not filing for bankruptcy. Beware of foreclosure scammers who promise they can stop foreclosure with just one phone call. Fighting foreclosure is a complicated process that takes a significant amount of work. Find a reputable bankruptcy lawyer to assist you.

To make an appointment, please call 219-472-1441 today.

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