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Stormwater Regulations Still Unsettled

By: Ann Neil Cosby. This was posted Friday, December 9th, 2011

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If you attended our webinars over the last six weeks, you will know that the state’s new stormwater requirements are still generating a lot of discussion and questions. From how to implement local programs, to how these programs are expected to help meet the state’s waste load allocations under the Virginia Watershed Implementation Plan, for every answer there seems to be a new question.

Still, there is no doubt that the Environmental Protection Agency will be looking to see whether Virginia’s new Stormwater Management Regulations go far enough in reducing pollution flowing into the Bay. So, even as questions linger and the political climate is anything but stable, changes in the way stormwater quantity and quality is controlled in Virginia seem here to stay. It is expected that the new regulations will have a statewide effect beyond just the Bay Watershed, with local programs potentially being adopted throughout Virginia.

Butch Joyce and Lee Hill of Joyce Engineering, Joe Maroon of Maroon Consulting and Joan Salvati of the Department of Conservation and Recreation were with us among the two sessions and gave terrific information and explanations about the source and intent of the new regulations, Virginia’s WIP, as well as implications for the implementation period through 2024.

If you did not get a chance to attend, or if you have thoughts and questions, just use the comments field below to let us know, and our Virginia environmental lawyers will respond. If you’d like a link to the replay of these webinars, we’d be happy to provide that, as well as handouts.

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