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    We'd like this to be a platform for discussions on emerging issues in environmental law and regulation in Virginia. It is our hope to engage governmental officials, land owners and developers, citizen activists, and environmentalists in vibrant dialogues on the issues of concern to our environment and our natural resources.

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Archive for April, 2011

How will we pay for a cleaner bay?

We greatly appreciate Larry Land‘s contribution to our Virginia Environmental Law blog as our guest author today. He is director of policy development for the Virginia Association of Counties. He has lobbied on environmental issues for more than 20 years.


22nd Annual Environment Virginia Symposium Wraps Up

I just got back from the 22nd Annual Environment Virginia Symposium, and, boy, is my frontal lobe tired. Hosted by the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, the theme of this year’s symposium was “Sustainable Solutions for Uncertain Times: Partnering for Economic and Environmental Success.”