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Virginia WIP Grade is “D” for Deficient

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

EPA Draft �Pollution Diet��has been issued, and the EPA has found �Serious Deficiencies� in Virginia�s Watershed Implementation Plan. (more…)


Virginia’s Watershed Improvement Plan Revealed at Long Last

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

Last week, the Commonwealth of Virginia revealed its Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP) as it was required to do by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. The state’s efforts to (more…)


DEQ Report Card Muddys the Waters

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

On Monday, August 23, 2010, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality released Virginia’s 2010 Water Quality Assessment Report, and its findings appear to be just as murky as the James River.

As with many things in life, there’s the good news, and the bad news. The good news is that more than 430 waters have been removed from the impaired waters list because they now fully meet water quality standards. (more…)


EPA Sediment Limits and Virginia’s “Pollution Diet” Planning

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

On August 13, 2010, EPA announced draft sediment limits for the jurisdictions and major river basins in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, including those affecting Virginia, its rivers and the Eastern Shore. Virginia, along with other watershed states and the District of Columbia, are expected to use the limits, along with those issued for nitrogen (more…)


Happy Earth Day in Virginia

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

Forty years ago today, Earth Day was born. Its conception marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement in the United States, and according to its founder, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, was the day “the environmental issue came of age in American political life.”

What many might not know, however, is that the environmental movement in Virginia began long before April 22, 1970. Almost a quarter century before mainstream environmentalism hit (more…)


Virginia leadership challenging EPA…again.

By: Ann Neil Cosby.

And it may be a foreshadowing of more to come.

Earlier this year, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, filed a suit against the EPA calling into question certain data upon which some global warming regulations were based.

At a press conference yesterday, two Virginia legislators, state senator Ryan T. McDougle (R-Hanover), and delegate Timothy D. Hugo (R-Fairfax) called into question EPA data related to percentage increases in impervious surface areas. The data, which indicates that from 1990 to (more…)